If you want to build a something like a factory building with the best materials, high alumina bricks could be the best option for you. High alumina bricks are made from chemical substances such as aluminium hydroxide, bauxite, and clays.

By definition high alumina bricks are formulated so that they can be fireproof. Nowadays, most companies prefer high alumina bricks when they are going to construct something because it is known as the strongest of refractory materials.

High Alumina Bricks- Get Some Benefits of Using High Alumina Bricks

Why are these high alumina bricks so special and what are the advantages of using these bricks?

As it is mentioned, these bricks contain high alumina. Alumina for refractories is derived from natural and artificial deposit. Natural sources are consisting of bauxite and diaspora. While artificial sources are consisting of Calcined Alumina, Sintered Alumina, and Fused Alumina. Bauxite is the ore containing boehmite (Al2O3.H2O) or Gibbsite (Al2O3.3H2O) in varying proportions. Bauxite also contains iron oxide, aluminosilicates, and titania.

Bauxite is rich in iron oxides and other impurities that can be used to make Calcined alumina through the Bayer process or to make aluminum metal. Bauxite used directly to create refractory should have low impurity content. Immediately after calcined bauxite mined, later it will be burned in the rotary for stabilization. The main component is corundum (alumina α) with a little mullite and a small amount of glass phase. The other component of refractory bricks is Clay. Also you might never know about benefits of insulation bricks, so you should know about it.

Clay from different groups of material is formed by the metamorphosis rocks weathering process. This material is generally very smooth with a particle size less than 2 microns. The best bricks are the bricks that contain high alumina-silicate. This refractory group usually has good resistance to acid slag.

Generally, this material offers some features such as:

  • Good for an insulator material.
  • Some of the types have a complex expansion behavior, but most of them only have a small thermal expansion.
  • Medium strength at a high temperature contains the glass phase at a low melting point.
  • Good resistance to acid slag.
  • Good resistance to thermal shock.
  • Inexpensive and always available.

What are the benefits of high alumina bricks?

Since these bricks are formulated in particular by using high alumina, so these bricks can resist any flame or heat. You can use the bricks to build furnaces, kilns iron, a place to cook, house building, and much more. Talking about the quality, you must not doubt what we have provided to you. At a first glance, these bricks are just similar to clay bricks that are used for building. However, when you identify its contents, these bricks are made of refractory materials.

In summary, High Alumina Bricks can be the best material that you can use to build anything. You will get so many advantages from these high alumina brick anyway. The chemical contents formulated make the bricks so resistant, especially resistant to fire.