Different types of mortars are used as binders for joining of clays and firebricks in kilns and furnaces. These mortars contain high alumina content and they can withstand high temperature settings. They do not crack or come off even in applications with temperatures as high as 1700 degrees Celsius.

Galaxy Enterprise manufactures many different types of these mortars to supply them to its clients in various industries. One of these mortars is K90. It is a very high purity mortar that contains alumina as high as 90%. Galaxy makes K 90 with green chrome oxide that undergoes calcinations and then made to react with alumina powder. This mortar is very versatile and it can be used will different kinds of firebricks in many industries.

The mortar called 90 K made by Galaxy Enterprise is in high demand among the clients. This is because of the ability of this mortar to retain its structural strength and composition even at temperatures exceeding 1700 degrees Celsius. 90 K mortar is used for setting of ladle nozzle and also for setting of slide gate plate area.

It contains 90% aluminum oxide and iron oxide (0.5% max). There are no additives in 90 K mortar and it is supplied in packaging to prevent any damage because of moisture. Its shell life is very long and it can be stored for at least 6 months.

Features of 90 K mortar

  •     Great resistance to thermal shocks
  •     Can withstand wide range of temperatures
  •     High purity
  •     Can be used in reducing environments