Bottom pouring sets are refractory sets that are made in different shapes using different fractions of raw materials that can be molded easily. These materials include refractory grog, non-plastic clays and plastic fire clays. All these ingredients are mixed to create a homogeneous mixture, which is pressed in high capacity presses to get different shapes and sizes. The pressed bottom pouring shapes are fired in kilns at approximately 1300 degrees Celsius.

Bottom Pouring Set by Galaxy

Bottom pouring sets come in different combinations and sizes. It is used for pouring melted iron and steel from the furnace to the moulds. Different furnaces have different shapes and this requires BP sets in different shapes. The bottom pouring shapes are available in two qualities:

  • 30% alumina
  • 40% alumina

The manufacturers can also create bottom-pouring sets with even higher or lower alumina grade if needed. The bottom pouring sets are made in an array of shapes including plate, funnel, sleeve, side runner, centre bricks, side runner end, main runner end, etc.

Some of the important features or characteristics of bottom pouring sets include

  • High thermal resistance
  • Perfect size and shape
  • Eliminates carbon deposits
  • Boost the life of brick lining greatly
  • Avoids brick failure at extreme temperatures
  • Tolerate the needed service temperature

The quality bottom pouring sets can withstand wear and tear at extremely high temperature. These sets last longer and are often made according to the ISI specifications. You can get the BP sets according to your specifications. Made from thermal resistant materials, the bottom pouring sets by Galaxy Enterprise are durable and resistant to high temperature. This makes them last for longer. All the BP sets are made using the latest techniques and equipment. Whether you need Burner Blocks, High Alumina B.P. Sets, American Gating finish or other BP set, you can rely on us for precise and best quality sets.