Cupola bricks are special type of bricks that have industrial use. These bricks are specially designed for use in different types of furnaces in foundries. These bricks find many uses in various industries such as ceramic, paper, sugar, steel, chemical, and fertilizer. These bricks are not straight but curved and easily line up kilns and furnaces. Galaxy Enterprise has a long experience in manufacture and export in these cupola bricks products foundries. These bricks made by us are in high demand among our clients because they are very rigid and offer great thermal and chemical resistance.

Features of Cupola Bricks

  •     Anti abrasive
  •     Porous
  •     Provide resistance to high temperatures and chemicals
  •     Excellent finish
  •     Available in different shapes and sizes
  •     Made using high quality raw materials
  •     Easy to line all types of furnaces

Cupola bricks foundries are manufactured at an ultra modern facility in Gujarat using latest imported machinery. These bricks contain a very high alumina content to have a very rigid construction. They are highly resistant to high temperatures and abrasion. Galaxy Enterprise has the expertise to provide these special bricks according to specifications and requirements of its clients. Our bricks are not only tough and durable but also surprisingly affordable. The prices vary depending upon the quantity of cupola bricks ordered by clients. We can change the thickness and also the ingredients of these bricks depending upon the requirements of our clients. We can also provide cupola bricks with precise pH level as required by the client.