Phenolic resin mortar or we can say cement is a special product that is highly resistant to corrosion. It has a special ability to resist sulfuric acid (as high as 92%). This is the reason why this mortar is used to make corrosion proof layer for preventing damage to storage tanks, reaction vessels, pickling tanks etc.

This mortar is ideal for making floors that are corrosion proof. Galaxy Enterprise is one of the largest phenolic resin mortar manufacturers in India. The primary reason why clients love phenolic resin mortar made by our company is its outstanding working properties. It can be easily applied and handled to obtain a corrosion proof lining or floor in no time at all.

Features of Phenolic Resin Mortar :

  •     High resistance to acids, particularly strong concentrations of H2SO4 at high temperatures
  •     Low absorption with excellent bonding strength with bricks, tiles, and ceramics
  •     Great tensile strength and excellent compressive properties

Phenolic resin cement is a two part product that consists of a powder and syrup. 1 part syrup is mixed with 3 part powder to make mortar. The size of the batch depends upon working conditions and the ambient temperatures encountered. Galaxy Enterprise is one of the largest phenolic resin cement exporters from Indian industries.

We have a huge plant where make high quality phenolic resin mortar and supply it to our clients not only in domestic market but also to clients in foreign countries. This mortar finds many applications in fertilizer, petrochemical, dyestuff, and chemical industries. It is not recommended for use in environments where oxidizing agents of high concentrations are used.