Water cooled cables are now used for various furnaces especially in melting arc furnace and melting induction furnace. Its main purpose is to cool the furnace from over heat. In choosing water cooled cable, you should prefer high quality. The various benefits of highly qualified water cooled furnaces are,

High Flexibility
The improved flexibility will reduce the cable required length as well as furnace installation area.The improved flexibility forms the basis for best furnace.
Excellent Durability
The surface needs to be constructed with the durability characteristics. It should be well suited for various operations like bending, twisting. The conductor should be constructed to minimize the mechanical wear.
Excellence Maintenance
The cable needs to be disassembled without any damage. Remove the stainless steel bands andpins. Reassembling is also easy.
Low Impedance, Low Energy Loss
These two features could be achieved by reducing the required length of cable. The larger geometric mean radius is assured.

Way of Using

The water cooled furnace will be interlocked with arc furnace at the time of tilting the furnace body in the event of rotating the furnace cover for injecting scraps. It means that bending, twisting and stress will be applied to the cable.


While the furnace is in operation, it is supposed to expose radiant heat. During this operation, an electromagnetic effect will be produced due to high electric current which is applied to the cable repeated stress generated from attracting and bouncing force in the same phase or between different phases.


It is made in such a way that it can resist wear and water. Surfaces at both ends of the hose will have finished flat. Splash proof material will be added on the surface of the hose.
High conductive tough pitch copper is used for plating.
Protection Hose
The protection rubber hoses on the outer surface will be applied by vulcanization. They will be present on the both ends of the hose through stainless steels in order to release the bending stress.
Stainless Steel Band
As corrosion resistant material, non magnetic steel is being used.

Induction Melting Water Cooled Power Cables

Power cables are often considered to be consumable component of the induction furnace. The main purpose of water cooled power cables in induction melting furnaces are to reduce the melting point. Power cables should be designed with various characteristics.

These are all about the water cooled furnace. We have covered largest market of India for supplying this water cooled power cables and also we are exporting these products to abroad market like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, US, Cameroon, Malaysia and Ghana.