Acid proof lining is a must in industrial plants where corrosive environments involving acids are encountered. Galaxy Enterprise is one of the top most suppliers of acid proof lining material in India. We make brick lining, bricks and tiles that are acid resistant and acid proof. We manufacture a wide range of acid proof lining material using the highest quality raw material. Our products are not only highly resistant to corrosion but they can also withstand very high working temperatures up to 1700 degrees Celsius.

Galaxy Enterprise has a wealth of experience in manufacturing acid proof lining material to cater to the diverse requirements of its clients in various industries. We are one of the biggest acid proof lining material manufacturers in India. Our products are considered the best and most reliable as they provide maximum corrosion resistance in environments where acids and other chemicals are used. This is the reason why we are the largest acid proof lining material exporters in India. We offer turnkey solutions in acid proof lining material to wide variety of industries such as iron and steel, power plants, fertilizer industry, and petrochemicals industries.

Apart from acid proof bricks and tiles, we also manufacture Furane, a special mortar that is made using carbon. This mortar is used to make lining of acid proof bricks and tiles and it provides high resistance to acids, salts, and strong alkalis. We are the only acid proof lining material India that provides end to end solutions in acid proof lining to its customers.