Light resins bonded mattresses, simply called LRB are mattresses made from fibers of molten rocks. These fibers of select rocks are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. These mattresses provide high thermal resistance in applications involving high temperatures such as furnaces, chimneys, duct insulation in air conditioning, and many other processes. Galaxy Enterprise is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of light resins bonded mattresses in India and also exporting these products in Latvia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Turkey, UAE and USA.

Process of Manufacturing Light Resins Bonded Mattresses

Selected rocks are heated so that they melt. Fine fibers form these molten rocks are spun and bonded together by using thermosetting resin. Felting of these fibers then takes place in a specific laying pattern. Afterwards, they are baked to manufacture mattresses having specific thickness and density.

In LRBs manufacture by Galaxy Enterprise, everything from distribution of fibers to their laying pattern is closely monitored and carried out in a controlled manner so as to manufacture LRBs of specific dimensions (thickness and density). We can make LRBs according to specifications of our clients. Our mattresses do not feather during application. This is the reason why LRBs made by Galaxy remain in high demand among its clients.

Features of Light Resins Bonded Mattresses

  •     High thermal insulation
  •     Resistant to thermal shocks
  •     Lightweight
  •     Available in different thicknesses and densities
  •     Conserve energy in both hot and cold insulation

Applications Area

  •     Tanks
  •     Ducts of air conditioning systems
  •     Buildings
  •     Ceilings
  •     Boilers
  •     Furnaces
  •     Ovens
  •     Pipelines
  •     Chimney walls