Pig iron is a type of iron that is obtained from reduction of iron ore in blast furnaces. It is an intermediate product that is unfit for use in metallurgical industry because of high carbon content (3-4%). It is produced when iron ore is heated at a very high temperature in the company of coking coal and limestone. Galaxy Enterprise is a major manufacturer of nodular grade pig iron in India. This type of pig iron is also called ductile iron. The reason it is called nodular pig iron is because it contains round graphite nodules. Because of the presence of these nodules, nodular pig iron possesses attributes such as high tensile and yield strength. Nodular pig iron contains 5 different elements in small quantities (Carbon, Silicon, Manganese, Phosphorus, and Sulfur).

Nodular pig iron is mainly used for the manufacture of ductile iron. Galaxy Enterprise manufactures different types of nodular pig iron according to specifications of its clients.

Features of Nodular Grade Pig Iron :
Has low sulfur content (helps in increasing recovery of magnesium during modularization procedure)

  •     High purity furnace charge addition to produce high quality ductile iron
  •     Has very low level of trace elements to enable production of ferratic grades

Chemical composition of our nodular pig iron

  •     Carbon- 3.5-4.6%
  •     Silicon- 1.25-1.75%
  •     Manganese- 0.2-0.3%
  •     Sulfur- 0.015-0.03%
  •     Phosphorus- 0.08%

Applications of nodular pig iron
Nodular pig iron made by Galaxy Enterprise is mainly used to make castings in automobile and engineering industries.