Ceramic foam filters are increasingly being used in aluminum industry these days. These are special filters made using materials like silica carbide and aluminum oxide to give them structural stability and to ensure resistance to thermal shocks.

Ceramic foam filter is able to remove oxides from the surface of aluminum and thus increase casting quality. More and more aluminum sheets and foil manufacturers are today using these filters.

Galaxy Enterprise is one of the biggest foundries as manufacturers of ceramic foam filters products in India as well as global industrial market. The company supplies these high quality filters to its clients involved with the production of aluminum sheets and foils.

Use of Ceramic Foam Filters :

Ceramic foam filters manufactures by Galaxy Enterprise are used for filtration of molten aluminum in foundries. Our filters have a 3D reticulated structure, high porosity, and low bulk density. Because of properties like high thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance, these filters are loved by the clients.

These products prevent unwanted metallic intrusions from the molten metal that reduces casting rejections and increases productivity of labor. These filters do not get clogged even with high amount of impurity in the molten aluminum.

Advantages :

  •     Reduce surface defects in castings
  •     Prevent inclusion of gas and impurities in molten metal
  •     Stable flow of the molten metal
  •     Reduce tool abrasion
  •     Possess high mechanical strength
  •     Highly resistant to thermal shocks
  •     Easy placement in the production line

Galaxy Enterprise can produce high quality ceramic foam filters that are square, rectangular, or round with varying pores per linear inch.