Ladle lining and its repair represents a significant cost during steel making process. It is the prime objective of all steel making companies to maximize their profits and to minimize these costs. The thermonuclear behavior of ladle lining is a complicated and a lot depends upon its design. If ladle lining is made using refractory bricks of low quality, it cannot withstand the attack of liquid steel with the result that the ladle design is damaged. There are many ladle bricks manufacturers in Indian industries but safety lining bricks made by Galaxy Enterprise are most popular among the clients. This is because of their high quality and the ability to prevent any damage to the design of the ladle during continuous casting of steel.

Ladle bricks made by Galaxy Enterprise help in solving the problem of ladle damage quiet efficiently. The company has been involved with manufacture and supply of high quality ladle bricks with alumina content from 50% to 85% for many years. The refractory bricks made by the company have great resistance to acids. They also show resistance to corrosion and oxidation during steel making process. Our ladle safety lining bricks find use in many industries and they are very popular among clients involved with metallurgy, steel making, cement, glass, electricity generation, chemical and fertilizer industries.

Galaxy Enterprise has the complete range of refractory products used to make working lining and safety lining of ladles in steel making process. We supply optimum products based upon the design of ladle and the requirements of our clients.