Sponge iron, also called direct reduced iron, is a vital constituent in steel making process. Sponge iron is made either by using coal or natural gas. It is coal based sponge iron that is still the primary method of obtaining sponge iron in India. This is because India has a shortage of natural gas while there is an abundance of coal in the country.

Though coal based sponge iron leads to higher carbon emission, it is still the primary method to obtain sponge iron. Galaxy Enterprise is one of the major manufacturers and exporters in the field of sponge iron in India. It supplies coal based sponge iron to steel plants across the country.

Process of Making Coal Based Sponge Iron

Galaxy Enterprise manufactures coal based sponge iron by treating iron ore with coal in a rotary kiln. This rotating cylindrical vessel has blowers and air pipes mounted upon it and it is lined using firebricks. A burner is used to heat the contents inside this rotary kiln.

Once the inside of the kiln reaches the desired temperature, iron ore, coal, and dolomite are fed inside the kiln. More coal is fed inside the kiln form the discharge end. The kiln is made to rotate that causes iron ore and coal to mix and go through the system. This complicated method goes on until reduction of iron ore takes place inside the kiln.

Product Features

  • Free from undesirable impurities
  • Consistent chemical composition
  • Can be easily handled and transported