Slide Gate Plate is a kind of slide gate refractory that is designed to control the flow of molten steel during steel making. This performance of this refractory is dependent upon the ability to resist thermal shocks, abrasion, and corrosion. Galaxy Enterprise has been manufacturing and exporters of slide gate plates and supplying them to its clients in steel industry across the country. The slide gate passes made by the company are in high demand among the clients because the company is able to control the factors influencing their performance.

Materials used by Galaxy to make Slide Gate Pass

Slide gate plates are made by Galaxy Enterprise after taking into account plant related conditions and specific operating conditions. The materials used for manufacturing slide gate pass are dependent upon grade of steel being produced, casting time, quantity of steel, and temperature of molten steel.

In most cases, the material used for slide gate pass is carbon bonded alumina carbon bricks or metal bonded high alumina bricks. Our slide gate pass retain their shape and bore diameter is not affected by flow of molten steel.

Slide gate passes made by Galaxy posses many features that allow them to give high and consistent performance time after time.

These features are as follows.

  •     Resistance to thermal shocks
  •     Ability to resist corrosion caused by molten steel and slag
  •     Resistance to abrasion
  •     Low porosity and high bulk density
  •     Great mechanical strength
  •     Ability to withstand high temperatures
  •     Ability to resist structural changes because of high operating temperatures
  •     Great resistance to oxidation
  •     Smooth surface finish