Potassium silimor mortar is a special kind of mortar that is highly resistant to acids. This is the reason it finds application as a jointing and bedding mortar in drains, floors, tanks, and foundations. Galaxy Enterprise is today one of the largest Potassium silimor mortar manufacturers in the country. This mortar is available as a two part system consisting of a powder and a solution.

Features of Potassium Silimor Mortar:

  •     Resistant to high temperatures (up to 1000 degrees Celsius)
  •     Resistant to acids and alkalis except HFl

Manufacturing Method:
To get this acid resistant mortar in workable condition, you need to mix powder and solution in the ratio of 3:1. This ratio may be changed depending upon working conditions and the temperatures being encountered. Mix thoroughly and only prepare small batches. To prepare the mortar, place solution in a bowl and gradually add powder till you obtain good consistency of mortar. Once the mortar is ready, you can apply it over a surface that is slightly rough using a trowel. Make sure that the surface e s free from all dirt and grease. Use up all the mortar before mixing the solution and powder again.

The mixture prepared from solution and powder is self hardening and the initial hardening takes place in 6-8 hours while final setting takes place in 24-48 hours at temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius. Among potassium silimor mortar exporters, the name of Galaxy Enterprise ranks at the top because the mortar is world class and it gives reliable and consistent performance.