Tundish boards are essential components in continuous casting tundishes. They are used to make the inner lining. These boards serve the purpose of fresh board lining every time it gets changed. This helps in improving the quality of steel being manufactured.

There are many companies making these disposable boards in India but Galaxy Enterprise remains one of the top silica tundish board manufacturers and exporters in the Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh and Turkey country. These products made by us are loved by our clients as they not only result in considerable energy saving but also require much less consumption of refractory materials.

Galaxy Enterprise manufactures it according to the requirements of the clients in acidic variety. Our products shorten the turnaround time thereby improving the productivity in steel making process.

This is because there is no need to heat our boards and only warming for 15-20 minutes is enough for our products to become ready for use. This is the reason why our silica board has become so popular among our clients.

Benefits of these products :

  •     Reduces turnaround time as it does away with lengthy heating process
  •     Improves quality of steel
  •     Reduces energy cost
  •     Reduces consumption of refractory materials
  •     Helps in improving productivity

These products made by Galaxy Enterprise are available in different sizes and in acidic, basic, and duplex varieties as per the requirements of the clients. We are one of the largest tundish board exporters in Indian refractories industries as our clients love the consistent quality of our boards.