Normally pipe gaskets are made of rubber and plastic. However, stone ware pipe gaskets are used in low pressure pipelines used for sewerage purposes and for disposal of industrial waste water. Vitrified clay is used in the manufacture of these gaskets to make them extremely durable and tough. Galaxy Enterprise is the leading manufacturer of stone ware pipe gaskets in India. The company makes these gaskets according to specifications of its clients in various shapes and sizes.

Advantages of Stone Ware Pipe Gasket

  •     Allows installation of longer length of pipe
  •     Lesser number of pipes required
  •     Gasket dimensions taken at the end of the manufacturer
  •     Allows quicker laying of pipes
  •     Prevents leakage of pipes
  •     Prevents breakage of pipes during laying
  •     Easy installation
  •     Reduced operational cost
  •     Lower labor cost
  •     Flexible design allows pipe to withstand ground movement

Galaxy has a long experience of manufacturing stone ware pipe gasket. The company makes use of high quality raw materials to manufacture these gaskets as per client specifications. All stone ware gaskets follow high standards of manufacturing and safety guidelines as per industry usage. The materials used for their manufacture are able to withstand corrosion and erosion caused by toxic substances and chemicals.

How to use stoneware pipe gasket?

  •     Clean the surface of the pipe using a brush and a cloth
  •     Apply adhesive on the socket of the pipe
  •     Place the stone ware gasket in the socket
  •     Test for adhesion