Bitumor primer is a special primer made using solutions and powder. It is highly resistant to alkalis and acids. It is available in the form of a black powder that can be applied over a concrete surface to make it resistant to acids and alkalis.  This primer finds usage in many industries where strong acid or alkalis environments are encountered. Chemical resistant or acid proof bitumor primer products are made by many companies in Indian market but Galaxy Enterprise is one of the largest chemical resistant bitumor primer manufacturers and exporters company in India.

Bitumor primer made by Galaxy Enterprise remains in high demand among the clients because of its high quality and performance. Only a single coat of this primer makes the surface highly resistant to acids and alkalis. It creates an impermeable coating to prevent damage to the surface.

Features of Acid Proof Bitumor Primer made by the company

  •     Provides a smooth and chemical resistant finish
  •     Can be used over smooth concrete surface
  •     Long storage life (24 months at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius

Galaxy Enterprise is one of the biggest chemical resistant bitumor primer exporters in the country. His primer is very easy to use as it can be applied with the help of a brush or sprayed on the surface. It sets within 4-6 hours depending upon weather conditions. Acid proof bitumor primer contains some toxic elements. It also has some volatile compounds. This is the reason why it should be kept away from environments where there are open flames. It is available in a packing of 25 liter drum.