Casting powder is an essential component during continuous casting of steel. It allows for creation of a lubricating film over mould surface that prevents solidifying metal to adhere to the mould. This means that molten metal can solidify quickly and easily without any impurities sticking to it.

Casting powder has the property of quick release of heat from the molten metal. Because of the use of additives, It gives a great performance at high temperatures. Galaxy Enterprise is one of the largest casting powder products manufacturers in India.

It contains components that are low melting. It instantly converts in to metallic slag that finds space between the billet shell and the mould. You need to add this slag continuously in small quantities during the duration of casting. This product keeps on melting slowly as it forms layers. This makes sure that the top layer of molten metal has enough protection at all times.

Benefits of Our Products :

  •     It prevents oxidation of molten steel
  •     Allows faster solidification of liquid steel
  •     Improves the quality of steel
  •     Reduces cost of operation as it is cheaper than casting oil

Galaxy Enterprise manufactures and supplies casting powder to its clients for use in not just slab and bloom casting but also billet casting. This refractory product causes faster and more effective solidification of the molten steel. It also improves the quality of steel thus produced. We can supply high quality casting powder to clients in specified quantities in different packaging.