Pig iron is a type of iron that is obtained from reduction of iron ore in blast furnaces. It is a crude product that is further refined for use in iron and steel industries. It contains 92% iron but also contains 3-4 carbon making it very brittle and thus unsuitable for metallurgical industry.

Pig iron is produced when iron ore is reduced in a blast furnace using a carbon rich fuel like coal along with limestone. Galaxy Enterprise is a major manufacturer of pig iron foundry grade in India.

Foundry grade pig iron is used as a raw material for manufacture of gray iron. Gray iron is so called because of its gray color that results from the presence of graphite in the metal. Gray iron is a very popular casting metal and used in many industries t make products like housings of pumps and generators, valves, electrical boxes, and cast iron cookware. Foundry grade pig iron manufactured by Galaxy Enterprise is in high demand among clients involved with the production of gray iron castings.

They use our pig iron inside their cupola furnaces. Our pig iron has a lower melting point than steel scrap. It also has a denser charge make up. Both these qualities make it an ideal product for use in foundries. Our pig iron uses less energy for melting and melts fast to reduce cost of operations of our clients.

Specifications of Pig Iron Foundry Grade

  •     Carbon- 3.5-4.6%
  •     Manganese- 0.4-1.2%
  •     Silicon- 1-1.5%
  •     Sulfur- 0.05-0.8%
  •     Phosphorus- 0.14%