Tundish nozzles are an integral part of continuous steel casting process. These products are instrumental in controlling the flow of molten steel from Tundish to continuous casting. Galaxy Enterprise has been manufacturing Tundish nozzles as per client specifications and industrial use for a very long time. We can make these metering nozzles using various material compositions such as zirconia carbon and magnesia carbon to suit the requirements of our clients. Our designs of products are loved by our clients because they prevent alumina clogging and last for a very long time in foundries.

Clogging of Tundish nozzles is a perennial problem faced by clients involved with continuous casting of steel.  This clogging ultimately leads to frequent changing of nozzles. It also leads to poor quality of steel and lower productivity. Our compositions of Tundish models and their bore design make sure that there is no clogging and there is no need to frequently replace them. We can provide single bore and multiple bore designs in the form of monolithic formulations. The most popular of our metering nozzles are magnesia stabilized zirconia nozzles that give a very high performance during steel making process.

We keep in mind process control while manufacturing this product to meet industry standards.

Salient features of our Tundish Nozzles are as follows.

  •     Long casting sequence time
  •     Controlled casting speed
  •     Excellent resistance to oxidation
  •     Prevent clogging to improve productivity
  •     Special compositions of nozzles as per use in the industry
  •     Higher life of nozzles