Company Profile:
Galaxy Enterprises have completed 10 years in the field of refractory products manufacturing. It has grown as leading quality manufacturer of Wankaner (Rajkot), Gujarat. The primary motive of Galaxy Enterprises in quality and it regulates the process of technical developments with time. As the company has developed in technical aspects it has contributed a lot in refractory materials supply. The supplies include steel, glass, cement, fertilizers, petrochemicals, power, non-ferrous and carbon products.

Research and Development:
The research and development department of the company has helped it to achieve a great level, and has also enabled us to provide higher level of processing. With the levels of process in flow, company is able to deliver higher quantity of quality refractory solutions. The good quality and better delivery has made our popularity grow in international market, and we are getting recognition in all parts of the country.

Approximate production of the company is 100 M.T. of refractories per annum. Company’s high quality and best service has been appreciated by all our buyers. Galaxy Enterprise has become the trademark in the field of refractory product manufacturing.

Galaxy Enterprise is following the motto of ‘Excellence in Everything’ and is moving successfully towards great achievements day by day. Our vision is to provide a future with better promises and service to all our associates and customers.