Metallurgical coke, simply called met coke, is a low ash content coal that is fit for use as a fuel in iron and steel industries. It is actually a refined carbon product that is manufactured using ordinary coal. Using very high temperatures, coal is purified to be converted into coke. Metallurgical coal is used to make met coke. This type of coal has the ability to melt and swell and then solidify. It is also known to have very low level of impurity. Metallurgical coal can be hard, semisoft, or PCI. Galaxy Enterprise makes high quality met coke and supplies it to its clients in various industries.

Process of making Met Coke Pig Iron
We make use of metallurgical coal to manufacture met coke. This type of coal not only has low ash content and low levels of sulfur but also has coking property. This coal is heated inside a furnace to around 2000 degrees Celsius. The coal starts to coke and the entire process takes place over a time period of 12-36 hours inside the furnace. Once coking of coal is complete, it is taken out of the furnace and allowed to cool down and solidify.

The final product is called met coke that is fit for use in metallurgical industry. It is free from all volatile matter and the weight is only two thirds of the original coal that goes into the furnace. We supply met coke pig iron in various sizes from basketball to finely crushed powder. While larger size is required by foundry owners, fine powder met coke finds diverse industrial applications.