The induction furnace power supply comes with a wide range of high frequency scope and opportunity of consistent capacity to control and protected from the excess of voltage along with voltage issues. These furnace power supplies are enhanced through the modern technology support and assure the optimal performance support. Here, some aspects contains such as hardening the induction system based furnaces, heating, suitability for liquefying, frequency sweep as a zero voltage launch provided through the melting power supply.

Induction furnace power supply components :

Here, the description and the components included in the induction furnace power supply. Some of the components are current limiting reactor, high frequency transformer, PTFE lugs and wires, power supply box, CT furnace component, Mov circuit breaker, potential transformer, etc. The current limiting reactor offer to locate the extensive use of reduction in the voltage ripples further current generation in the DC process.

The current limiting reactor enhanced in aluminum metal finish and copper and offered in various working capabilities and voltage includes 220v to 1000v. Some of the aspects of this component such as applicable for all types of power size, working specifications, the ability to suggest OEM solutions, and so on. The high frequency transformer offers the enhanced and intended using through the contemporary technology support with using some high-permeable grain-orientated silicon cover core for durable usage.

The coils are obtained reinforced through the flexible glass fiber for reliable use. This component includes some features like low noise emission, provides safe running, high efficient output in transformer performance, low local discharge, higher flame retardancy, and various lightning impacts. It is mainly durable for a long life with high performance without issues. The PTFE lugs and wire offers the small voltage of 600v and optimal range of temperature from -80 degree to +250 degree celcius.

It has some special properties such as high tensile power, higher resistance in weathering requirements, and soft surface design. The CT furnace component gives the high temperature resistance property and higher resistance against the corrosion issues. It also includes apt use of induction furnace, support for latest technology included optimum performance.

Furnace Change Over Switch Assembly/Isolator Switch And Buss Bars

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Water Cooled Capacitor

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Current Limiting Reactor

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Panel Components

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