Sponge iron is obtained by direct reduction of iron ore. It contains nearly 94% of metallic iron and thus it is vital constituent in steel making process. It is made either by making use of coal or by making iron ore undergo reaction with reducing gases.

Using coal for reduction of iron ore has severe environmental issues as it leads to emission of carbon in great proportions. This is the reason why the world today prefers gas based sponge iron. Galaxy Enterprise is manufacturers and exporters of high quality gas based sponge iron and supplies it to steel plants in the India and overseas country.

Green steel making with Gas Based Sponge Iron

In comparison to coal, natural gas contains less carbon. All carbon that goes into making steel is eventually converted into carbon dioxide. With natural gas containing less carbon, it also releases much less carbon dioxide during steel manufacturing than when coal is used for reduction of iron ore. In fact, natural gas emits only about half the quantity of CO2 than coal when it is used to produce sponge iron.

Galaxy Enterprise realizes the impact of CO2 on environment and thus focuses upon gas based method of production of sponge iron. We are therefore doing our bit to help steel industries as they can make use of our gas based sponge iron to create steel in a greener manner.

Galaxy Enterprise employs natural gas that has been enriched with hydrogen and CO to reduce iron ore. This mixture of gases is preheated before iron ore is made to undergo reaction with it.