Whytheat castables are very useful products that are required in foundries, furnaces, coke ovens and gas production plants. These castables are used for forming strong joints.   Galaxy Refractories makes Whytheat A & K that are used extensively by the clients of the company involved with building materials, petrochemical industries, and metallurgy. Our castables are of exceptional quality with low iron and silica content and 90% alumina content. Whytheat castables A & K made by the company have a very long shelf life (6-9 months) if they are stored properly. We offer these castables in high quality packets that prevent any damage ot the cement through moisture.

Whytheat A
Whytheat A is used for service temperatures up to 1700 degrees. It has the ability to resist attacks from gaseous atmospheres containing hydrogen and carbon monoxide.  Our Whytheat A has a 90% alumina content.

  •     Lining of furnaces where high quality aluminum is produced
  •     Refinery reactors and fertilizer plants as they resist ammonia, hydrogen, and CO
  •     Arc melting furnaces and blast furnaces in iron and steel industry

Whytheat K
Whythheat K manufactured by Galaxy Refractories has a alumina content of 60% and they are ideal for use in foundries, blast furnaces, reducing atmospheres, and boiler industries. This castable is suitable for service temperatures up to 1600 degrees.

Features of Whytheat Castables A & K

  •     Very high compressive strength
  •     Long shelf life
  •     Use of high quality raw materials
  •     Protection from damage because of moisture