Shoulder and hunger bricks are highly specialized ceramic bricks that find heavy usage in the construction industry. These bricks are used in construction of homes and offices, hotels, bridges, and other commercial buildings. The shoulder and hunger bricks manufactured by Galaxy Enterprise are loved by the clients because of their rigid construction and superior performance. These bricks have the ability to offer great resistance to high temperatures and corrosion because of acid attacks.

Shoulder and hunger bricks contain varying percentages of alumina and iron oxide with low alumina (40%) bricks finding application for general purposes  while high alumina ones (alumina 50-60%) being ideal for reheating furnaces. Low alumina shoulder and hunger bricks can withstand temperatures up to 1400 degree Celsius where as high alumina bricks can be used in applications involving temperatures as high as 1470 degree Celsius.

Features of Shoulder and Hunger Bricks

  •     High compressive and tensile strength
  •     Extremely rigid
  •     Long life
  •     Chemically inert
  •     High resistance to heat and acid attacks
  •     Resistant to thermal shocks
  •     Easy to install
  •     Superior finish

Shoulder and hunger bricks made by Galaxy Enterprise are widely used in steel rolling mills across the country as they give high and consistent performance time after time. The company employs pre engineered machines and makes use of only the highest quality raw materials to manufacture shoulder and hunger bricks in different shapes and densities as per specifications of its clients. Our shoulder and hunger bricks are renowned for their precise pH level and accurate composition.