Iron and steel industries need coke or coking coal for the manufacture of iron and steel. This is because coal contains many impurities, mainly sulfur. This sulfur gets transferred to the metal that is highly undesirable. Coke made with carbonization of coconut shells is ideal for use as it contains no sulfur. Charcoal obtained from burning of coconut shells is used as a carbon additive in the making of iron and steel. This is because of the fact that it contains no sulfur. Complete burning of coconut shell in a controlled environment leads to coconut shell coke. Galaxy Enterprise manufactures and supplies premium quality coconut shell coke to its clients in iron and steel industries.

Advantage of using Coconut Shell Coke
Coconut shell coke has proved to be a better fuel than other types of fuels in electric arc furnaces. It is also a greener alternative to coking coal as it does not lead to green house effect. The ash generated is not considered hazardous for the environment and it can be readily used for landfill.

Process of manufacture of Coconut Shell Coke
Coconut shells are burnt through a process called carbonization.  They are kept in a limited air supply so that they do not get burnt completely and get converted into coke instead. This coke made by Galaxy Enterprise has high 78% carbon content while it has 0% sulfur to make it ideal for use in iron and steel industries. This coke contains less than 10% moisture and less than 4% ash. Volatile matter content in this special coke is 10-12%.