• Varieties of material are required for the purpose of the insulation of the various induction coils.
  • For the requirement of the re-insulation induction coil and repair induction coil there are various complete range of the insulation materials are provided.
  • Generally the insulation materials are mainly used for the purpose to insulate the various induction coils.
  • To make this process to enhance the induction materials, there are various kinds of the other materials are required.
  • As the induction coil will operates at the large amount of high voltage and the high temperature, the quality of the material which is choosing for this coil is playing a major role.
  • Always choose a good quality material as a spare for the induction furnace coil.
  • As there are various costly components used for the purpose of the certain spares of the melting furnace coil, there are lot of costly products are provided.

Some of the common spares of the induction furnace coils are :

  • Flexocoat Base and Hardener
  • Fiber Glass Tape
  • FRP Sheets
  • FRP Supports
  • Silicon Rubber Tape
  • Champion Gasket sheet
  • PTFE Sheet
  • Permali Wood
  • Yoke Mica
  • Glass Mica Tape
  • Syndanio Sheet & Segments
  • Asbestose Cloth & Rope
  • Beckalite-Hylum Sheets

Basically the products must provide you the best service where none of the other products are carrying out in an effective manner with the best services. There are also certain important storage of induction coil material is needed to operate at the large amount of high voltage and the high temperature, the quality of the material which is choosing for this coil is playing a major role.

These products are very costly and also made with very quality materials where everyone can withstand with the enormous service this spares are providing for the induction variable. We are also dealing these products in abroad countries like Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Poland.

Induction Furnace Melting Coil & Crucible

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Induction Furnace Copper Turns/ S.S. Coils

We offer customize Induction Furnace Copper Turns/ S.S. Coils as per the customer’s requirement and design. We have best products and we are successful provider of this marvellous product in India and all over the world. Our products are highly useful as they are easily replaceable coils. We also offer SS turns as per the need with some induction melting designs.

Water Cooled Cables

We manufacture Water Cooled Cables those are suitable for any induction melting and heating tools as per the standards. We offer customized designs as well. These cables are develops with the high quality material and these superior products ensure the long life and higher performance. These cables also prevent the excess power consumption. All in end, you can save your time and money. Therefore, this product gives you better results.

Water Cooled Cables & Connections

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Lamination Yoke(Shunt)/ Insulation Pad

We have best Lamination Yoke (Shunt) / Insulation pad with Nomex at attractive cost. We also offer installation process as per the need. We make our products in-house and supply them in all across the world including major cities of India. Our capacity is up to 40 tons for induction furnace shunt. Our products will available in the market at competitive cost. Price is unbeatable so as the product. Superior raw materials and high quality results are like soul of our company.

Refractory Cement Blocks (Top/Bottom)

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Induction Furnace Hydraulic Spare Parts

We have a team of experts who are highly qualified and experienced to deliver best and all types of spare parts and hydraulic machines and low cost. We also have best Induction Furnace Hydraulic Spare parts. Aspects this, we manufacture and supply spare parts such as cylinder, seal kit, rings, valves and so on. These parts have long life so use them and live tension free.

D.M. Unit & Plate Type Heat Exchangers

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Carbon Free Rubber Hoses

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Sigdhania Fibre / FRP Sheets

Sigdhania Fibre / FRP Sheets are the best sheets for the industrial purpose. We make high quality sheet to match your needs. We are well-known manufacturer and supplier of these sheets all around the country. We only use high quality materials to create these sheets. Better-quality materials ensure the long life and high durability in low cost. We are offering these fabulous fibre sheets at affordable cost in your city.

Permali / FRP Coil Supports

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