Calcium silicate is a compound that is made by reaction of calcium oxide and silica. Many types of calcium silicates can be obtained by reactions of these two compounds and varying ratios. Calcium silicates have high water absorption capability and it has a low bulk density. This compound is used in construction of roads, manufacture of bricks, for insulation, and for making of tiles and table salt. Calcium silicate is also used as an anti caking agent in many food preparations.

The name of Galaxy Enterprise ranks at the top among calcium silicate blocks manufacturers in India. Calcium silicate blocks made by Galaxy are renowned for their high thermal insulation.

Features of Calcium Silicate Blocks:

  •     Lightweight and rigid
  •     Resistant to fire
  •     High mechanical strength
  •     Low specific heat
  •     High durability
  •     Can be reused

Process of making Calcium Silicate Blocks:
Many materials are used to make these blocks. These include lime, quartz, crushed siliceous rocks etc. All ingredients are mixed thoroughly so as to hydrate the lime. The mixture s then heated and cooled to solidify in specially created moulds. He bricks so made are cured in autoclave for a few hours to hasten chemical hardening.

Indian Calcium silicate blocks find many applications in various industries. These include cement industry, aluminum industry, glass industry, iron and steel industry, power plants, fertilizer industry, petrochemical industry, ship building industry, chemical industry, sugar industry, foundries, rolling mills and other industries where temperatures can go high up to 1000 degrees Centigrade.