Pig iron is the name given to the product that comes out of blast furnace in an iron plant. This unrefined form of iron contains a lot of carbon (3-4%) to make it very brittle and thus unsuitable to be used as a structural metal. Pig iron is an intermediate product that is used to be converted into wrought iron and steel.

Pig iron got its name from the trough that was pig shaped and used to store it during 19th century. Galaxy Enterprise is a major manufacturers and exporters of pig iron in India and supplies it to its clients in various iron and steel industry.

Manufacturing Process :

Pig iron is obtained by smelting of iron ore using a carbon rich fuel such as coking coal along with limestone that works as a flux. We produce pig iron containing 92% iron metal that is used by our clients in various industries. We supply pig iron in medium size pieces that weigh 10-15kg.

Products manufacture and export by us contains very little quantities of impurities and clients can use it directly to produce high quality steel. We make two qualities of pig iron namely steel grade and pig iron that is for the use of foundries. Our pig iron contains very low quantities of sulfur and phosphorous. This allows our clients to make high quality castings that are free from all defects.

Applications of Pig Iron

  •     Gears
  •     Crankshafts
  •     Engine blocks of automobiles
  •     Precision castings
  •     Rolls in rolling mills
  •     Generator housing
  •     Machine tools