Magnesite bricks are highly specialized bricks used in various industries because of their strength and heat resistant properties. It is a naturally occurring mineral having a chemical formula of MgCO3. Upon burning, it produces MgO which is a refractory material. It is used to make magnesite bricks that are deployed in the form of lining in hearth furnaces and kilns, and blast furnaces.

These products are made by many companies in India. Galaxy Enterprise is top magnesite bricks manufacturers in the country supplying them to their clients in not just India but in many other parts of the world also which includes Philippines, Australia, Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Our process of making Magnesite Bricks :

Galaxy Enterprise makes use of large quantities of these products and produces MgO by burning it along with charcoal under strict quality controls. We use different temperatures called calcification temperatures to produce the refractory material according to the specifications of our clients.

Calcification of magnesite commences at 4500 degrees Centigrade and it produces light burnt refractory material. At 9000 degrees Centigrade, the refractory material produced is called dead burnt. Our high and consistent quality makes us the most popular magnesite bricks exporters of India.

Types of Magnesite Bricks  made by Galaxy Enterprise :

  •     Burned magnesite bricks
  •     Fused magnesite bricks
  •     Magnesite alumina brick
  •     Magnesite alumina spinal brick
  •     Magnesite chrome brick
  •     Magnesite dolomite brick

Advantages of our products :

  •     High quality and zero defect
  •     High crushing strength
  •     Very strong and extremely durable

Where it is used?

  •     As lining of hearth furnaces
  •     Chemical industries
  •     Kilns
  •     Blast furnaces