Ceramic fiber paper is a special kind of paper that is made using refractory materials. It mainly consists of alumina silicate fibers that are bound together in a non woven matrix with the help of a binder. This paper has very good property of not getting wet and it also has an excellent refractoriness.

Because of these properties, ceramic fiber paper is considered ideal for handling molten aluminum. This paper is also highly resistant to acid attack. Galaxy Enterprise is a respectable name among ceramic fiber paper manufacturers and exporters in Indian market as well as global market.

These product made by the company are used in various industries by the clients, especially in high temperature settings as this paper can resist temperatures up to 2300 degrees F.

Features of Ceramic Fiber Paper

  •     Very low thermal conductivity
  •     Great handling strength
  •     Very low shrinkage
  •     Flexible because of presence of organic binder
  •     Resistant to acid attack
  •     High thermal resistance
  •     Immune to thermal shocks

Applications Area

  •     Gasketing of Trough sections between zinc and aluminum
  •     Tap out plug cover of aluminum furnace
  •     Pan linings of aluminum distributor
  •     High temperature application gaskets
  •     Metal troughs back up lining
  •     Fabrication and casting of aluminum

Ceramic fiber paper manufactures in India not only has low thermal conductivity and structural uniformity, it is also in very lightweight. This is reason why it is perfect for high thermal insulation. It resists corrosion and thermal shocks. These are the reasons it finds various applications in refractory and sealing conditions.