Filtration of molten metal in foundries and metallurgical industries is heavily dependent upon the filters that are used for this purpose. One filter that is used very commonly is referred to as honeycomb filter. The honeycomb foundries design allows these filters to possess very high strength and great resistance to thermal shock.

They are also very porous and allow for easy passage of molten metal because of their honeycomb design. Galaxy Enterprise is one of the largest honeycomb filter manufacturers and exporters in India. It makes these filters for use in metallurgical industries and other industrial applications.

Honeycomb design allows the molten metal to easily pass through but keeps the debris, impurities, and other slag behind. It also improves the flow of molten metal. Air is prevented from getting inside the molten metal because of a stable flow. Thus there is no oxidation of the molten metal and it does not splash out.

As impurities are stopped from flowing, elimination of hard point in sating is achieved. Galaxy Enterprise makes honeycomb filters in round as well as square shapes using various materials of different densities.  

Features of Honeycomb Filter Foundries :

  •     Great resistance to thermal shocks
  •     Stable flow of molten metal
  •     Consistent holes to allow easy flow of the metal
  •     Prevents air from oxidizing metal
  •     Removal of impurities to reduce casting quality
  •     Reduces casting cost and improves productivity
  •     Large surface area
  •     Excellent mechanical strength

Honeycomb filters made by Galaxy can be used in industrial applications with wide temperature variations.