Where the atmosphere is acidic and not suitable for nature at that ordinary bricks can’t be used in many industrial applications. In many industrial applications where tanks are used at their acidic nature liquids are kept in tanks, so it is required to make flooring of bricks that have ability to resist the acidic nature of such kind of fluids.

There may be happen a big loss to company owner if ordinary bricks are used and it fail and give away. To avoid this kind of problems some Iron and steel industries owner applied acid proof bricks that can remain in very high level of temperature that can be used to make the lining of the furnace that handles acidic molten fluids.

Acid Proof Bricks

There are lots of high quality acid proof bricks manufacturers existed in industrial market but the name of Galaxy Refractories is the top notch due to high performance and consistent quality of the fire bricks that supplied to its valuable clients.

Why regular masonry bricks cannot withstand against strong chemicals?

Acid proof bricks manufacturers looking after the requirements of their clients in different industries and manufacturing and supplying them with as per their specifications and requirements. For those industries where highly strong chemical are used often at that place there are not any other way to use ordinary bricks, they must use acid proof fire bricks for highly resistant to acids.


Because of high level of chemical can damage flooring improperly. For solution of this kind of damage problem a chemical process is merged to manufacturing of acid proof bricks. These bricks are so strong and provide such high resistance to almost all acids and alkalies that they can be used for very long time periods.

If the quality of fire bricks is high then any floor made with acid bricks can last indefinitely.

Bricks are baked for long times at very high temperature

Acid bricks are a special kind of bricks for masonry that contain a very high percentage of silica. They are also subjected to very high temperatures for long time periods. Compressive strength of these bricks increases to around 23000psi. These bricks come in many varieties with the most common being red shale.

Other much popular varieties of acid resistant bricks are silica brick, fire-clay, and carbon brick. Manufacturers of acid proof bricks keeps in mind the circumstances in which these bricks will be used at the workplace of the client before making and supplying these bricks. This is the reason why bricks are loved by the steel industries because of their high performance.


Because of high quality and consistent performance, suppliers of acid proof bricks have today expanded their business to abroad country.

The acid proof bricks manufactured by Galaxy Refractories are in a highly demanded, due to advanced technology plant in Gujarat where latest imported machines and state of the art technologies are used. Acid resistant bricks are world class and approved by clients in many countries of the world.

They make these bricks in all shapes and sizes as per the requirement of their valuable clients. Acid resistant bricks are very durable and they can also withstand at very high working temperatures. These bricks are widely used in many industries wherever strong chemicals are involved.