Do you work in an industry which uses electric or gas Kilns? Then you must be surely knowing what  insulation bricks means and how they are useful in various Industrial  applications?

Well, Insulation bricks are used for lining the kilns as they are lightweight. The insulation bricks prevent the abrasion of the kilns. Another plus point of the insulated bricks is that they have a low density which makes them the best material to be used in lining the kilns.

Insulation bricks which are used in refractory are known as Refractory bricks. They are also used in several industries like petrochemical, steel, chemical and other industries. Insulation bricks are also used in aluminum, glass and ceramic industries because of their fire resistant property.

Insulation Bricks
Insulation bricks are preferred in the industries because of their low cost. These types of bricks help to save heat energy from furnaces and chimneys which in turns saves money.
Before buying insulation bricks from expert manufacturers, it is extremely important that you know about the properties of insulation bricks.

You can easily identify an insulation brick from a heavy dense fire brick. The Insulation brick will be of light weight. There are two types of insulation bricks. One which is used for lower temperature and the other which is used at higher temperature. The lower temperatures bricks are manufactured using  mica, granules of vermiculite and raw diatomite. During the process of manufacturing, heavy voids are left in the bricks which make the insulation proper.

For the high temperatures insulation bricks, the raw materials used are different. They are granules of calcined clay and raw kyanite. In addition, combustible material is also used. Here the kyanite has an excellent property of expansion. Since it expands the bricks become porous. Customers can choose the type of insulation bricks according to their specifications.

If you are looking forward to buy insulation bricks, there are many reputed Insulation bricks manufacturers across India who can supply insulation bricks according to your specifications.