Firebricks are the traditional material used for the purpose of heat resistance. Before we move into the details of firebricks, we should know what they actually are. Let’s have a look.

What are Firebricks?

Firebricks are made out of the natural mud or clay, containing refractory properties. It includes minerals with aluminium contents. It must have silica and alumina in appropriate proportion. They are very heavy. They undergo a treatment and are baked in high temperature to resist heat. They are soaked in water before cutting into shapes.

Refractory Bricks

Uses of Firebricks

Firebricks are used for various purposes at homes, offices and industries. Firebricks are used in high temperature places right from cooking chambers in oven, fireboxes to the fireplaces. It is used in boilers and other heating systems. These refractory bricks have the capacity to withstand heat without melting and they have low thermal conductivity.

This enables them to very productive in the industries. The properties of firebricks can be changed as per required specifications. Since they have the ability to control heat and absorb it, firebricks are used in ovens and furnaces heated by electricity too. Also you can get some benefits by using high alumina fire bricks.

Brick ovens have once again come into vogue for preparing delicacies like pizza on large scale. These ovens are preferred. Firebricks transfer more light into the oven and that makes cooking good. They are different from the normal bricks as the normal bricks do not have the same composition as these for withstanding high temperatures. Since firebricks are long lasting, they are affordable.

The most important advantage of these bricks is that they are absolutely safe. You might be wondering if the chemicals are harmful to your cooking. As mentioned above, firebricks are all-natural made of clay. Hence they have no harmful chemicals.

You can buy the refractory fire bricks at a local store or can also buy those online. Before buying, it is advised to take consultation of a local builder who can evaluate your specific needs and provide you suitable bricks.