Insulation Bricks are getting more popular these days due to the benefits to keep the inner house warm and cozy especially if you live in high heat environment. However, this brick’s benefits are not only limited on the heat resistance only.

Great Strength – compared to clay bricks; the Insulation Bricks are far stronger and more durable. It can be a good choice to be used for construction. In addition for great strength, this kind of bricks is considerably light weight which makes it as better choice than the common bricks. As the name suggest, this brick has a high insulation capacity.

Insulation Bricks

Low Maintenance – brick is a great building material but it has some maintenance issues which you may want to reconsider. Most home owners think that brick will last forever without the need for any maintenance. However, this is actually untrue. In order to make the brick always in good condition, it requires repointing which is a process to install new mortar between each brick.

If the process is not done, the brick structure will be compromised. In addition, the mortar that is used should be in the right type to avoid cracking brick or incorrect expanding. Speaking of brick, the insulation brick is considered requires low maintenance since it has good resistance to chemical factor. It is indeed will make the building look good for decades.

Cost Effective – even though insulation brick is more expensive than clay brick; however, repointing older brick can be a quite pricey since it should be done in often times. In addition, this brick can reduce the cost for foundation, save reinforced concrete, and cross section the frame. This means that using the brick can save more than 5% on the masonry total cost compared to clay brick.

Energy Saving – experts say that the more things that you have in between the home exterior and interior will slow down the in and out heat. This brick has low thermal conductivity, great resistance to thermal shock, low heat capacity, corrosion resistance to acid and low impurity. That is why this brick can be a great way to save energy which prevents the penetration of the heat into the house. Also perfect bricks can increase life of your business.

This will help you survive in both winter and summer as it does not drastically affect the inner environment. Compared to clay brick, the insulation brick has high porosity and uniform microspores which are beneficial to reduce heal loss in the walls and also fuel cost. This brick has low heat storage so that it can be quickly cooled down or heat up as well as allows cyclical operation acceleration.

Easy to Store – since the Insulation Bricks are light weights; it can be easily moved around the construction sites as well as easy storage. It does not prone to damage because of climate changes. It is only required to be stored in a dry place to avoid moisture damage.

Customizable – this brick is available in various shapes in which the clients can easily choose the bricks that suit their needs. You can ask the material manufacturers to request certain shapes and dimensions.